Picton Gazette

The Gazette contacts ‘everybody’ who is running for office offering to print a 500-word structured response to focus on three specific matters that are important in terms of informing voters:

  • Tell us a little about yourself
  • Why Are You Running
  • Priorities

Mine was submitted as requested. If you missed the Gazette issue, then you can see exactly what I submitted in response to their offer by clicking here [34 kb Adobe pdf].

About Me deals with the question posed although my professional experience has far more financial depth than in my response to the Gazette’s ‘about me’ question.

Why am I Running and Priorities questions are answered in the more detailed discussion of my thoughts which can be found in the Objectives section accessible from the ‘Objectives’ tab of the main menu (top of page). Separately, the discussions/responses to the various Paul Allen questions for candidates present more commentary on the priorities issue.

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