About Me

Hi. My name is Jane Lesslie. I grew up in Kingston and spent summers in the County from the age of 5 –
trust me that’s a lot of decades! After a 30-year career in finance I retired to Picton in 2018. During the past four years, I’ve served as Chair of the Environmental Advisory Committee to Council and spent time volunteering at the County Food Depot during COVID.

My time on the committee, my time volunteering and my experience analyzing governments around the world, have given me some insights and a lot of ideas for how to make our County a better place for ALL of us.

  • Some people think you have to choose between a strong economy and a healthy environment. I disagree. You can’t have a strong economy without a strong environment and vice versa.
  • We need year round secure jobs and year round demand for our existing businesses. A Greening economy creates new jobs – and an opportunity for the county to diversify its economy.
  • We have a $68 million annual budget and a $100 million infrastructure budget for Wellington coming. I have the experience to determine if our money is being well spent.
  • I want to see all county revenues from our Short Term Accommodation tax go to funding
    affordable housing, not to promote tourism as the province dictates.
  • We need a strategy for primary health care – doctors and nurse practitioners
  • I want to see our high school students succeed and prepare for those jobs that our businesses are struggling to fill.

Being your councillor would be my full time commitment.

Click here to meet my 8.4lb campaign manager, Ginger. She has a few ideas too!

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